To sign up for wholesale, you would need a valid Sales Tax Resale Certificate for the current year. If you have this, follow the instructions below to sign up for the wholesale portal.

  1. Click on Wholesale portal tab on the menu. 
  2. Click Sign up for wholesale. 
  3. Fill out the form. Once completed, you will be sent an email about customer account activation. You will then be asked to create a username and password. 

*Please note* If you had made an account not through the wholesale login portal, but instead went directly to the account icon on the top left side of the website, then you have created a retail account instead. To know if this is the case for your account, it will say that your "account already exists" when trying to sign up for wholesale. 

Please message us at info@harmonyfoliage.com to help get this corrected for you. 

You can start ordering as soon as you get your online wholesale portal account established. Meaning, as soon as you create your username and password!

If you'd prefer to not order from the online wholesale portal, you can email us at info@harmonyfoliage.com with a copy of your resale tax certificate and we can get you set up for instant ordering. We can take phone call orders too but prefer email communication better as it's easier to manage orders that way. 

For walk-in customers, we have no minimum as of yet. For online orders, and in-person pickup/carrier pickup, we have a minimum of 1 case, half or full. For carrier pickups that would like their order to be boxed, would need a 1 full case minimum. 

Wholesale Shipping/Delivery

Yes we do! Although shipping with domestic mail carriers might be a little rougher with handling during transit, we will always try to pack the plants as best we can for shipping.

Less than 4 cases is cheaper than ordering freight. If you have more than 4 cases then it is better for you to ship through freight. If you have no private shipping carrier, we'd recommend using Peninsula Trucking.

If you ever have a problem with your order upon delivery, don't hesitate to contact us at info@harmonyfoliage.com.

Yes! If ordering through the online wholesale portal, please add information about which carrier, along with destination of delivery and for when you need the order shipped. Please also indicate if you need your order Boxed or Open-tray.

We can have your order ready next day as long as you place an order by 5PM the previous day. This will ensure enough time to confirm your order and have it ready on time. When checking out a wholesale order online, please leave a note with what date you would like to receive your order, and the method of pickup, whether it's in-person, local delivery, or private carrier/USPS/Ground Shipping. 

Wholesale Order Request Questions

All cases are grower's choice. Unless specified by the customer, we will hand-select the best plants we have for your order. We will always try to give the most variations as possible in the case that an assortment case is ordered for a specific type of plant.

Example: Case of Rex Begonias = Assorted colors/varieties

Specific choice selections such as color scheme to follow, or specific varieties will include an additional fee.

This does not apply for case orders of one type of plant.

Example: Case of Harmony's Gold Dust Peperomia 6 inch = same plant, no additional fee.

Since we are hybridizers, we have hundreds of varieties. We can consistently 10-30 varieties per case for our Begonias and African Violets.

If you need anything different, please email us at info@harmonyfoliage.com.

Soil showing means that the plant is not fully covering the pot, hiding most of the soil when viewed from above the plant.

No buds, specifically referring to African Violets, means that there are no buds (before an actual bloom) on the plants. Since we usually sell out on our African Violets quickly, there is often not much time for the plant to product buds or blooms.

Wholesale Payment Options

When you place an order through the online wholesale portal, you can pay directly online through the email invoice that is sent after placing your order. 

If you are paying for an order placed through e-mail, phone call, in-person, or through our online Net 30 payment terms, then you can send us a check to the order of "Harmony Foliage" for the total amount on your invoice. You can send your check through mail to the following address:

Harmony Foliage - 30900 County Road 437, Sorrento, FL, 32776

If you'd prefer not to send a check, send us an email to info@harmonyfoliage.com to get instructions on how to pay on PayPal.

We allow a maximum of 30 days to pay for an order if you select Net 30 Check-out on our online wholesale portal. We also accept Net 30 payment terms for an order through in-person pickup, local delivery, and private carrier pickup. 

We do not allow Net Term 30 for orders that are needed to be shipped through UPS/USPS ground since shipping would need to be paid in advance. 

We also do not allow Net 30 terms for those customers who choose to pick out their plants in person and do not have full cases of a type of plant.